rachel jury : writer
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Rachel studied acting at East 15 Acting School, after which she has done a little less acting but a lot more writing, directing and producing. She is currently Artistic Director for the cross-artfom organisation conFAB. She escaped the deepest darkest depths of middle England and having tried out London and New York for size currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland.

Going Back Home: a text based theatre work inspired by the lives of Nina Simone and Lorraine Hansberry. To premier in 2013.
Music of Strangers: a music and vocal composition exploring the issues around racism of the Eastern Slovakian Roma. To premier in Oct 2012 at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow.
Miss Smith: A dramatised music and vocal composition exploring the issues around poverty. Premiered in Nov 2011, touring across Scotland in 2013.
The Gates: a dramatised music and vocal composition inspired by the infamous women's club the Gateways. Showcase's 2012. Full premier in 2013.

'This is just as direct, yet moves it beyond the anger of its source. When the question “Why don’t you just leave?” is asked, it lays bare the truth with chilling effect.' Neil Cooper, The Herald Scotland.

Rachel has performed her poetry at a variety of locations across Britain and Europe from Brighton to Dundee to Dublin. Her poems and short stories have been published in: Chameleon, Nomad, Cutting Teeth, Citizen 32, Poetry Scotland, The Gay Read, Hidden City, Mookychick and her collection of poetry Laughin' Lesbians Vol 1.

Jackie Forster Memorial Award for Culture, Pride Awards 2006, for outstanding contribution to culture in Scotland.